Introducing Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe)

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With a team of trained and certified SAFe® SPC’s, Scrum Masters and PO/PM’s based locally in Queesntown and Auckland, Apolinar can partner with your organisation to scale agile.

Certifications we offer


SAFe Program Consultant

Become a change agent in your organsiation, by coupling your technical knowledge of SAFe with an intrinsic motivation to improve the company’s software and systems development processes.

SAFe Agilist

A SAFe Agilist is able to introduce and apply SAFe in a company. You come to understand the interaction between Agile teams, Agile programs and Agile Portfolio management.

SAFe Architect

Understand how system, solution, and enterprise architects collaboratively deliver architectural solutions, while working effectively in remote environments with distributed teams.

SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager

Learn how product owners and managers should work together to achieve the greatest customer and business outcomes by adopting a customer-centric approach to building products.

SAFe Scrum Master

Understanding how to facilitate Agile events like iteration planning, standups, and retrospectives will help develop high-performing, engaged, continuously improving teams in your organisation.


Our fully certified SAFe® courses will:

  • Be lead by knowledgeable experts through accelerated training methods

  • Include take home material

  • Be available to run remotely or in person

  • Equip you with the skills needed to pass your exam

  • Lead the Scaled Agile Framework into your organisation

  • Include pre and post course support

  • Deliver innovative business solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before

Meet your facilitators


Anna Dao Apolinar CEO

Anna Dao

An exceptionally talented young leader, Anna is a SAFe 5 Program Consultant (SPC).

Hi-Tech Young Achiever 2021 Finalist, Anna's entire professional career has been focused on driving and delivering successful digital transformation and enablement across a range of clients, industries and countries.

She has a particular passion for digital projects with not-for-profit clients; with a particular focus on child poverty and refugee areas, as well as education and healthcare industries.

Image - Jon

Jon Beattie

Jon is a SAFe 5 Program Consultant (SPC) and has over 20 years experience in digital and technology leadership.

He has worked with a broad range of organisations and industries, delivering hundreds of digital and technology projects during his career.

Known for his strong strategic focus and ability to traverse commercial and technology to create great customer experiences, he leverages the best of breed technology.