Apolinar is an expert, specialist digital team with a proven track record of results.

We’re a full-stack digital service agency with over two decades of experience under our belt. With offerings in a wide spectrum of digital services, we can bring our areas of expertise in digital transformation, Scaled Agile training, HX/UX/UI Design, and everything in between.

Helping build momentum is something that Apolinar does in a very, very condensed period of time; and our innovative, end-to-end processes have been researched, adapted, and continually refined, enabling the delivery of large-scale, fully integrated digital projects from ideation to production within three to six months.





We work


Speed is critical to success - we measure how quickly we deliver projects compared to competitors based on client feedback.


Apolinar and all of its team are geared for remote project delivery.


Having the organisational and process flexibility to meet client imperatives is vital.


Everything we do is process oriented, driving to a pre-defined, strategic outcome.




Our award winning work is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented team.

We attribute these incredibly satisfying victories to the quality of the work submitted

Logo - Best Awards


  • Silver

    User Experience / Optimising

  • Bronze

    Digital Products / Transactional, Services & Utility

  • Bronze

    User Experience / Empowering

  • Bronze

    User Experience / Innovating

Logo - Indigo Awards


  • Gold

    Mobile Design / Mobile Responsive design

  • Gold

    Design for Social Change / Apps

  • Silver

    Design for Social Change - Websites Design

  • Silver

    Digital Design - UX and UI - Digital Tools and Utilities

  • Silver

    Mobile Design - UX, Interface & Navigation

Logo - Good Design Awards


  • Winner

    Digital Apps and Softwares